Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is Detaching so easy?

Many a time you must have read fundamental definition of a Yogi. Actually speaking, The karma yogi avoids the (-)ive charged activities also termed as activities with built in selfish desires. The Karma yogi also avoids desire of wanting and sense of attachment. In true aspect he leads a life of selfless acts, in which there is no element of any individual motive. In today's materialistic world it is extremely difficult to find such an individual ( Yogi) end of the day in any such institute where attachment is coming in picture coining such leader by Yogi term should not be fair justice.

You must have noticed lot many people offering services in order to oblige a group/ society / individual and feel so called satisfaction but actually that is thin layer of proud and by doing it, you are not only attaining negative score but also harming yourself.

Any services after "Realising Truth" may help you in actaully benefiting from the reward of services offered.

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