Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The best way to practice kindness is to treat everyone we meet as kin. When we are kind, we are treating one another as though we are related, connected and have no expectation in return. To be kind is to realize that every other person is just like us. Everyone wants to do well. If we have the energy of compassion and loving kindness in us, the people around us will be influenced by our way of being and living. This is also one of the key quality of influencing others and self. Many a time we act kind but this never comes in our gesture because we are not being kind from heart. It's superficial. Once you start practicing kindness from core of your heart, it will automatically flow in your gesture. Try you will for sure influence and make your life truely comfortable and relaxed at core of your heart.
An old Indian saying by Great Poet and Saint "Tulsidas" .....Daya ( Kindness) Dhrama ko mool hai. Paap Mool Abhiman.

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