Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scientific Classification of Indefinable truth

Science might keep trying to satisfy its unquenchable desire for tangibility but the end point of this attempt will only yield indistinctness. Because the fundamental truth is that the observer in any experiment is an element of it. The greatest quality of maya (material) is that it appears uniform to all. The Vishnu Purana is considered to be the most important of all the eighteen Puranas and is given the name Puranaratna (gem of Puranas). The book starts with detailed stories of creation and introduces the concept of four yugas. The Vishnu Purana has twenty-three thousand shlokas divided into six major sections or amshas.
In the beginning the universe was full of water. In water there emerged a huge oval shaped water-bubble. This oval shape is also termed as Brahmanda. Brahmanda consist of mountains, land, and the oceans, Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Seas. On all sides, the egg was surrounded by water, fire, wind, the sky and the various other elements. Inside the egg, Vishnu adopted the form of Brahma and proceeded to create the universe. When the universe is to be destroyed, it is Vishnu again who adopts the form of Shiva and performs the act of destruction. Yugas (Eras) are dived into four phases.
The Hindu texts say the four yugas equal 4,320,000 years, or a mahayuga. 1,000 mahayugas or 4.32 billion years equal one Kalpa. The traditional timescale of the yugas is as follows:
Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga - 1,728,000 years
Treta Yuga - 1,296,000 years
Dvapara Yuga - 864,000 years
Kali Yuga - 432,000 years

When all the four eras have passed one thousand times each, that is merely one day for Brahma. Take out your calculator to do the elementary arithmetic (kidding). So how many human years are equal to one of Brahma’s days? Ten thousand times one thousand. That is, ten million years. During each of Brahma’s days, the sages the gods and the kings are destroyed and recreated fourteen times. Each of these cycles is called a “Manvantara”. But at the end of Brahma’s day, there comes the final destruction. The existence of the world comes to end also termed as doomsday in other scriptures. Brahma sleeps throughout his night, for ten million human years. Thereafter, there is creation of universe once again. It’s brain teasing….I know you will apply your brain / logic and fall in the pit, in which we all are falling from several lives. We are keenly awaiting results from big bang experiment in Geneva....which speaks in details about the various facets and key reasons behind creating life and many such unanswered questions.

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