Saturday, March 21, 2009


In almost all the religion, we have rituals and governance system to perform Prayer. However there is provision yet for one-on-one communication between you and your faith/believe /Almighty power and so called God. God is not a person hiding somewhere and looking at us to punish us for bad and reward for good. Theory of Karma applies for all Good and Bad that happens to us. Everything comes back to you, this may take sometime but one day it will back and show the existence of deeds you performed knowingly or unknowingly
Prayers helps in form of energising your self with positive energy and taking out all your negative elements of thoughts/ waves. It's not the mathematics of your prayers, how many count/ times you perform, nor the harmonic of our prayers, how eloquent they may be, nor the time of your prayer how lengthy they are, nor the orchestrated music of your prayers, how sweat and loud your voice may be; nor any predefined method of your prayers, how methodical they may be observing. In true sense, a true prayer is that which comes from the heart and communicate effectively with the existence energy level, so called God.
Poetic saint Kabir Said
"Maala Pherat Jug Bhaya, Mita Na Man Ka Pher Kar Ka Manka Chhor De, Man Ka Manka Pher"
Eons have passed whirling rosary, restless remains the mind Give up the beads of rosary and rotate the beads of mind
Kabir asserts that instead of concentrating on the rosary beads and its count of rotation, one should focus and become aware of the wavering mind. For only by becoming aware shall we become alert and be able to guide ourselves towards poise and serenity. This is the ultimate aim of Prayer /Meditation – to become calm and experience the oneness between our individual self and the cosmic self.

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