Monday, May 10, 2010

Love and Devotion

What is the difference between love and devotion?
Love without devotion is not actually love, it's only a mutual benefit model. When you truly love someone, you will naturally be devoted. Love is from mind whereas Devotion is from heart. Mind always looks for self benefits whereas Soul is beyond logic and the mathematical models of calculations. Love has conditions attached to it. Only if your expectations are fulfilled, your love will continue, else it will end. Devotion is not like that. It's unconditional.

Love and Devotion, however, are "not" two different things, but people still tend to see them as being different because one is meant to attain sprituality while the other is expected to fulfill one's daily need. A devotee is never thinking in terms of his own well being.

One who is devoted to his work, will always be higher in success than a person who simply loves.

Be devoted then simply loving.

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