Saturday, August 2, 2008

How Yoga works as a Therapy

Yoga practice consists of five key elements:
Deep Breathing, Exercise, Relaxation, Diet and Meditation. The exercises or ‘Asanas’ are designed to ease the tensed muscles, tone up internal organs, and improve the flexibility of body’s joints and ligaments.

Deep Breathing : Since most of us use only a fraction of our breathing capacity, it is necessary to use our breathing capacity thru’ nasal techniques to cleanse the lungs of stale air, unlock energy & vitality and eliminate toxins from the body.

Exercise : Proper exercise or Yoga ‘asanas’ not only increase the flexibility and strength of the body, but also keep each and every part of the body in perfect health and harmony. Regular exercise leads to a healthy body & healthy mind, and perfect equilibrium between the two.

Relaxation : Proper relaxation results in release of tension and keeps the mind and body healthy. It is necessary to begin and end each session of Yoga exercises with relaxation, and also relax between postures, in order to allow released energy to flow freely and to expel waste products from the muscles.

Diet : The recommended diet for a person during Yoga is simple wholesome natural vegetarian food, easily digestible. This keeps the body vital and healthy, the mind calm and free from restless thoughts. Processed or tinned food should be avoided.

Meditation : Meditation is a state of consciousness, in which the overactive mind is calm, and all mental energy is focused and turned inwards. This recharges the batteries by relieving stress and replenishing energy.Meditation increases physical stamina and spiritual strength, improves the power of concentration, helps you to think more clearly and positively, hence creating a great sense of inner power.

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