Saturday, August 2, 2008

Keep It Simple And You'll Be Happy

How many gadgets modern technology has blessed us with! Yet, they only seem to add to the stress and tension of our lives. Many a time you must have seen young men and women walk down parks and green lanes with earphones completely shutting out the world of beauty around them. Keep it Sipmle! That is the mantra which can help you reduce stress and unncessary tension, which some time we create by ourself. Possessions and acquistions may seem marvellous. But after a while , you do not own them, they own you.

When our life becomes complicated with power and possessions, we move farther and farther away from the simple joys and pleasures of life.... We fail to notice the green grass and the fresh morning flowers. We don't have time even to enjoy with our family, hear birds singing and watch our little and old ones similing. Getting things may give you momentary happiness. But not being able to get them often makes you miserable. We should try to be simple sincere soul.

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