Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Experience Nature

Most of our problems have arisen because we have stopped learning from nature. Look around and observe things as if you are seeing themfor the first time. The sun provides light and warmth irrespective of who benefits from it. Clouds, rivers, mountains and forest follow the same example of universal belongigness and love. Trees provide the shade, fruits and flowers with the same unattached benevolence for all. They do not demands favours in return. The earth matures seeds into plants irrespective of who planted the seeds or who will benefit from them. This truely is like a mother's love for her children. A mother loves all her childrenand is forgiving even when some are the cause of hurt.
If one learns to appreciate nature, the world will be a much better palce to live in. Becasue through such appreciation, destructive tendencies will be overcome. Alldifference will vanish away.

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