Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creation of ( Universe)



In the first chapter of Visnu Purana ( One of the Eighteen Mahāpurānas of Indian Scripture The Puranas (Sanskrit: पुराण purāna, "of ancient times" In all there are 23,000 verses in Visnu Purana), Sutji asked Saint Parashar rishi, I would like to hear about the formation / creation of this universe and also how the universe will be further created. And the most important question which Sutji asked Saint Parashar, what was the key reason of creation of this universe? Who is responsible for creation of this movable (Change is constant) universe? What is the origin of this universes and where this will lead to? Apart from this evidence of Soul, Ocean, Mountains and origin of eternal God and basis of Generations /branches of eternal of God and how all the above is created. Centuries ago, the above set of small but very complex and compounded questions were asked by Indian saints to there Guru’s. The above set of questions can be termed as simple philosophical questions based out of curiosity and the other view is that all the above questions are part of applied / quantum Physics. I am pleased to know that science / technology is today trying to solve age’s old questions which are theoretically already answered in Indian scriptures. Scientists have made the case for at least the very first elementary life coming to Earth from outer space, probably arriving frozen solid inside a meteor…we need to watch the results of big bang exercise being performed in Geneva.
“Definition of Puranas usually gives prominence to a particular deity and most use an abundance of religious and philosophical concepts”

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