Friday, September 12, 2008

Have you thought...

A man can be HAPPY with any women as long as he does not love her


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Kiki ;-) said...

Dear Satish,

(I'm reposting my comment as the first time around there was a spelling mistake.)

The inofrmation in your blogs about Yoga and other stuff is very useful...but your views on male-female relationships are extremely archaic. Till you find more clarity please avoid stepping into this territory. The truth is that both males and females have both male and female energy (our left sides are Yin, female, and our right sides are Yang, male. When men and women say hateful things about each other (even in jokes... there is no such thing as jokes - it's a curtain behind which we hide, to turn uncomfortable beliefs into humour) they actually dishonour 50% of themselves. Our real challenge in life is to find a balance between our Yin and Yang... but males especially have a big difficulty with this, acknowledging first to themselves and then to others, that they have female energy in them, and they fight it. Why, I don't understand... as every Hindu knows a 'roop' of Lord Shiva is Ardhnarishwar... and without Shakti, Shiva is incomplete.

Respectfully, I say Namaste to both, the Shiva and the Shakti parts of you,

Namaste = I bow to the divinity in you, even as I acknowledge the divinity in myself.

Satish Chandra said...

Bonjour Kiki,
Satish Chandra