Friday, September 12, 2008

Spritual message

I am trying to capture, everything about my experience, interests, views / thoughts, etc, I write them in this blog and hope these small piece of information become some learning experience, guide, a sort of GPS to every reader. I am trying to cpature the spritual messages that can give encouragement, +ive attitude, courage and conviction to life, to be close with the Creator of this universe. I would also like to thank to every friend who has been kind either as a reader, a critique or just a visitor. I am sure, without you all, my Blog is nothing. I would like to thank to my friends and well wishers who has supported me in every way in motivating to create this blog and put forward my scanty thoughts.
Just a thought to reader about the spiritual value of Musical harmony – Musical harmony is a most powerful conceiver. It allures the celestial influences and changes affections, intentions, gestures, notions, thoughts and dispositions. You must have read scientific research done on fish, in lake and study found that they are also delighted with musical sound, music has caused love, friendship between animals and men, amphibians and man, nature and man also. Melodious voice tame the dangerous animals like elephants, lions, snake etc…all the element themselves delight in music then why not we human beings…

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