Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recitation of Mantras

Chanting of mantra is to decontaminate negative elements within your body / mind/ soul. This is an excellent method of refining innerself. A mantra, in its spiritual connotation, is not an ordinary name. Mantra is a specialised combination of vibrations which are embedded into a concentrated form, so that when they are repeated, what happens is not merely the generation of an idea in the mind in the sense of any abstract notion, but a positive vibration, though it may be invisible. Mantra is one of the simplest, yet a very powerful method to achieve meditation and also help generate positive energy. Proper recitation of mantras helps generates positive waves ( flow of current). Mantra is a sound form. It is a Sanskrit word which etymologically means "by the repetition of which the mind becomes free of external experiences". The mantra should be repeated with a certain voice pattren (rhythm) and combined with proper earthing. We should exercise a similar caution in recitation of mantras also; we should sit in padmasan or sukhasan posture, and see to it that this flow is not earthed. We should not sit on the bare floor as all of the efforts during receitaion of mantras will not fetch andy results. If we sat on bare or uncovered floor, we will not derive benefits as the energy generated by mantras will be earthed and lost. Therefore, it is necessary to have an non-conducting material between the aspirant and the earth. Have you ever noticed, no matter whatever religion be it, all the religious places / temples are conically structured at the top ( Hindu Temples, Churches, Mosques, Pagodas etc...) and the sitting material is always non conducting stuff ( be it wooden chairs/ woolen rugs, blankets etc..). The key reason of conical structure at top is - the sound created during paryer either reciting through mantras or general parayer, generates +ive waves in the form of energy particles, should resides within the atomspehere, so you experience +ive wives / waves/energy. If the same is out in sky. it's again of no use, so the conical structure is designed at the top.
Simply try reciting " Om" with deep breath generated from lower of your tummy / stomach ( Mooladhar) and taking the sound up towards top of head ( Bhramrandh) and release the breath Slowly. The Name of God is Om, says Patanjali. It's is true 'Om', does not mean any kind of Hindu concept or any type of sectarian tradition. "Om / Omkar" is called, the universal substratum or the greatest common factor present in every conceivable thing, anywhere.
It is essential that Mantra meditation is practiced everyday, to fetch the best results. It may be just 15-20 minutes and regularity will help to experience results. It is preferable to set a designated time - in the morning or during dusk / then in the night/ before going to bed. Over time, you will experience the positive effect of the mantra on the subconscious through its unique calming influence in any situation.

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