Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top Reason People Divorce

India was known as a country with least divorce rate. It’s increasing day by day and multiple reasons and parameters are influencing. Once the bedroom arguments go out in public, based on my counseling experience, couples have very rare chances to settle. Counseling may be of help to a certain extent but the confidence level / willingness of partners should be high. It’s better to plan for mutual settlement rather than going in depression, paying on frequent court room visits and facing unnecessary pains. One should listen to soul.....try to settle down. Never be swayed away by your advisors. Most of the time external advices takes you to a longer path. Keep your EGO aside, this is the key element of all the problems. One should be mature enough to understand that God has given youthis life to live, pray, worship, enjoy.... not to fight on petty issues and keep wasting the precious moments of this birth. TALK WITH OPEN MIND AND HEART YOU WILL GET THE SOLUTION. Never try to harm each other.

The top reasons for divorce:
Poor communication between couple and two families/ friends ( if involved in marriage)
Change in priorities. This can be caused by having kids or due to ones job, career oriented mind set.

Lack of commitment to the married life
Taking each other for granted
Failed expectations of your spouse/ Family
Sexual issues
Extra marital relations
Influence / involvement of wife’s parents and family
Other reasons that come up frequently, but not as frequently are:
Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
Importance to money
Over work

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Purnendu said...

Nice written article.

I think married people would take it as a word of advice and save the Institution of marriage.