Monday, February 15, 2010

Have you seen God?

Most of the people will agree to the fact, that very rarely anybody,will come forward and say that he has seen God. But, if you ask anybody about his experience of life most of the people will say that they have experienced some miracles.....(Sit down in silence, relax your mind, try to slow down your thoughts and start rewinding your life's major incidences. Let your logical mind ask question to your heart/soul/Atma and you will get the answer)..and in lay man's language we say such miracles have happened due to the blessings of God. One need to have fine observation to experience and observe such miracles. These miracles happens in everyone' life and it happens on daily accept such happenings you need to keep your logical mind / ego aside and you beilve on what I am saying......
Some of my colleagues aruge about Sceince & Technology above the Nature / God. I tell them in very simple language, understanding of Nature / God starts from the point where Science & Technology stops thinking. To make you understand...let me give you an example.

Science and Technology is still way behind to understand what is that which is keeping a person alive......yes, I know you will say it's breath or Oxygen. Then let me ask you, when a person dies...why can't anybody ( Science & Technology) design an Oxygen Pump and agian pump the same Oxygen which has come out of the human body and make him alive. ....

Looking forward to receive your comments.

Om Namah Siva

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